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As a fashion editor who appreciates a good shopping spree, I’ve got my Zara haul skills down to a science. First, I scroll through every category and determine what I like. Then I’ve got, like, 1,000,004 tabs open on my computer screen, and I pray, as I add each item to my cart, that my browser doesn’t fail on me. Half the fun is filling your cart, am I right? Next, my eyes usually widen at the outstanding total I’ve amassed and, one by one, I eliminate pieces that I don’t really need. If I can instantly imagine three to four outfits created around a single accessory or a pair of pants, those things are keepers. I do this every season, and Fall 2019 is no different. Zara’s takes on the latest trends are fresh, and even when they’re splashed with something special – embroidery, sequins, or a loud print – they still feel wearable and rarely seem like exact iterations of clothing I’ve admired elsewhere, be it the runways or a department store. I’m also a fan of the high-quality shoes, and have kept the same boots from Zara in rotation for years, so I know I’ll get the bang for my buck when it comes to footwear. I went about my usual method and selected what I consider to be the best Fall looks. While you may not decide to purchase every one of my picks, I promise there’s something here that you’ll deem a staple the moment you lay eyes on it. POPSUGAR