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Whether your ponytail is always falling flat or you’re just looking to give more height and volume to your Ariana Grande-inspired updo, there are a few genius hacks that can help. Hairstylist to the stars Bryce Scarlett explains how he adds depth and dimension to an everyday ponytail.First, section out a triangle-shaped portion of hair at the front crown of your head. Scarlett said to then ” the base of your hair into a ponytail. Secure the base of the ponytail with a hook tie, then pull the top section back, securing it into the ponytail with a clear elastic.”To add even more depth to your hairline, Scarlett suggests using a brow powder. “Work a matching shade into the hair with a small brush to fill in any gaps on the scalp to create a more even, full look,” he said.We’ve gathered some of the tools that you can use to create your most voluminous, multidimensional ponytail. Check them out ahead.POPSUGAR