The 19 Beauty Products an Editor Can’t Travel Without

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I don’t know if it’s harder to pack my clothes or my makeup when I go on vacation. Even getting ready for work at the gym in the morning feels like a challenge; I inevitably end up leaving the lip color I want to wear at home. When I travel, I like to go carry-on only, which means my makeup bag can’t be too large or too heavy. Talk about a challenge. After a lot of flights and multiple overstuffed cosmetic cases, these are my picks for on-the-go beauty. It goes a little something like this. Multipurpose products are your friend; if you can use your blush as eye shadow, that’s one less thing to worry about. Take advantage of travel-size containers because they allow you to take all your favorite beauty products without making your luggage overweight. Plus, never, ever, go anywhere without sunscreen. These 19 products are my nonnegotiables, and I think you’ll love them too. Your suitcase will thank you. POPSUGAR