Sephora’s Cyber Monday Sale Only Comes Once a Year, And the Deals Are Insane

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There’s nothing better than shopping beauty products on sale, and since today’s Cyber Monday, Sephora has decided to celebrate the holiday with us. Right now, they’ve marked down some of their top products, and you’ve got to add them to your cart before the deals expire tonight. We’re talking 75 percent off some iconic lip products, 50 percent off face masks that will become your new go-tos, and over $150 off the most luxurious brush set imaginable.Cyber Monday is filled with deals, but there’s nothing better than new beauty products, and if you can get them on sale, even better! Of all the sales worth shopping, we know you’re going to freak out over this one, but you’ve got to hurry! There are hundreds of deals on Sephora right now, but these are our 25 favorites. Happy shopping! POPSUGAR