In Between Waxing Appointments? We Tested the Best At-Home Kits to DIY (If You Dare)

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For me, the worst part about getting a Brazilian wax isn’t the pain. Rather, it’s the act of voluntarily spending the time and money each month to have a nice lady in pink floral scrubs completely ruin your day. I reserve these tender moments only for special occasions. For every other time I need a wax, I lean on DIY hair removal kits – and a heavy pour of Merlot – to get the job done. In my quest for the best formulas out there, however, I have learned one thing : at-home waxing kits aren’t always created equal. Which ones live up to the claims of an easy, pain-free process? Um, none of them – are you even listening? But if you’re in-between hair removal appointments and want to give yourself a little touch-up, the waxing kits ahead are about as close as it gets which, yes, will feel extremely, extremely close.POPSUGAR