I Took a Bunch of Beauty DNA Tests -and Now I’m Terrified of Aging

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Had you asked me a few months ago if I would ever touch another DNA kit within an 11,300-square-foot Sephora store, my answer would have been an emphatic hell no. It was a 23andMe test, after all, that took me from comfortably blaming my parents for my inability to solve a basic isosceles triangle to discovering that I had an unknown biological father who was responsible for my mathematical incompetence. Still, I am in the business of beauty – so while most mainstream genetic tests focus on your ancestry or medical history, there are also a few others that use your DNA to help unlock your hair and skin’s potential pitfalls. Wanna know the likelihood of you going gray early, or waking up one morning to some premature nasolabial wrinkles? I sure as f*ck do. So I ordered a bunch of kits, swabbed my cheeks, sent my saliva sample off to the labs for analysis, and waited patiently for my results. At the end of the day, you can’t always control the whole apple-falling-from-the-tree thing. But trying a new face cream shouldn’t feel like peering into a cloudy Magic 8 Ball, and understanding your genetic predispositions can help guide you to the right beauty products and routine. Some of my results were pretty damn terrifying – but then again, it’s a little less scary knowing that looking good doesn’t have to run in your genes.POPSUGAR