I Had Just Learned to Love My Curls, Then They Started Falling Out

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For most of my life, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with my naturally curly hair. During my younger years, it was mostly hate. All throughout middle school, I longed for straight, smooth hair, frustrated that my curls prevented me from trying out various hairstyles and cuts. People often say you always want what you don’t have, and that was me when it came to my hair.No matter how many people told me that they loved my curls or how jealous they were, I would look in the mirror and focus on the frizz and the flyaways. To me, my mane was unruly and hard to manage. I would spend hours in the bathroom with a straightening iron and even tried chemically relaxing my hair because I felt so insecure about it. But as time went on and as I got older, my curly hair went from being one of the things I was most self-conscious about to one of the things I loved most about my appearance. My late-high school and early-college years were when I really began to appreciate my hair as something that made me unique. With time, styling tips, and the right hair products, I was able to control the frizz and had my hair looking the way I wanted it to. When people complimented me on my hair, I could actually embrace their comments and feel good about myself rather than shy away. POPSUGAR