I Cleared Up My Adult Acne With These 7 Skincare Products on Amazon, All Under $22

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Throughout all of high school, I washed my face with a bar of soap and water – I almost never dealt with acne. But as soon as I hit my twenties, zits started popping up regularly and I knew I had to take my skincare routine more seriously. As a shopping editor, I have tried hundreds of beauty products, but I have found that the tried-and-true drugstore formulas work best for my pimples. With my improved daily routine, I rarely ever have to deal with acne anymore.If you need help getting stubborn blemishes under control, I have curated a list of the products that work best for me, all on Amazon and under $22. From a top-rated toner to a clarifying face mask and everything in between, these formulas could help you get those pimples under control for good. With such affordable prices, you might as well try out a few. Read on for all the details. POPSUGAR