How to Smell Like the Best Version of Yourself on a Date, According to a Matchmaker

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It’s one generalization we’re positive anyone would co-sign: smelling good just feels nice, especially if you’re embarking on a date. Fact is, your scent doesn’t just impact your confidence: it’s also correlated with how we pick partners. “In order to get to that first date, especially in the superficial era of online dating, being the most attractive versions of ourselves is certainly the smartest way to go,” said Amy Van Doran, matchmaker at New York City’s matchmaking agency The Modern Love Club. “But attraction – that connection, the rush you feel – is rooted to chemistry, and much of our chemistry is rooted in smell. Pheromones, serotonin, oxytocin – that is why getting out and just meeting people is going to be key in figuring out whom is attracted to whom.”Studies confirm that your natural aroma plays a big role in dating, which is why choosing the right one is a delicate matter. “Our scent is our personal branding for the olfactory senses,” she said. “Memory is deeply connected with smell so you want to find one that flatters you. This is a deeply personal and specific-to-you process. Once you find it, that perfume can be your brand, and your way of keeping yourself close at mind.” It doesn’t have to be an exact science . But to help ease your mind ahead of your next date, we’ve asked Van Doran to share her best tips – because sometimes you want more than the thought of kissing you to linger long after you’ve walked away.POPSUGAR