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Whether you’re juggling your job duties and family ones or just working from home solo for the first time, it’s going to be an adjustment. Trust me, I feel you. When I first starting working from home as a freelancer, I found time management to be one of the most challenging aspects to master, from the pressure from “just one more email” to the siren song of a nearby couch and TV.However, in addition to my actual job , I’ve also appointed myself unofficial spokesperson for the Pomodoro Technique. Named after the creator’s tomato-shaped timer, its premise is fairly simple: you block out 25-minute chunks of work time with four five-minute breaks in between each before a longer 15-minute break. I personally use it to set goals to write, edit, or research for 25 minutes straight , but it can be adjusted for many different professions . And my favorite thing is that it just so happens to also be the perfect amount of time to let a face mask dry. Fancy that.To be twice as productive, I use one of the five-minute breaks to apply a face mask, so when I sit down to work for my next 25-minute period, my skin is getting a special treat, too. Then, I use the following break to wash it off, and back to work I go. While a tomato sauce time-management tool by any other name would still smell as sweet, I use a free app to do this called Workflow Timer. It has the intervals all set up, but there’s no reason you couldn’t just set a regular timer in your home instead.I juggle masks and work tasks once a week, but sometimes more, depending on what my skin needs. I pick ones meant to be left on for 20 minutes already , but you know your own skin better than anyone, so test it first. Here are some of my favorite face masks to tackle different skin-care needs, all from Sephora. Happy masking – and multitasking.POPSUGAR