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I’ve never been a minimalist, and I never will be. I love color, live in patterns, and in general just like having options – lots of them. What I don’t like, however, is clutter. As a self-proclaimed “beauty girl” and collector for over 12 years , it’s no surprise I amassed quite the product stash. Sure, I’d done several purges over the years, dividing some products between friends and throwing old ones in the trash. I’d also made my way through quite a few, using them up until the last drop or swipe. All that being said, I still had more than I would ever need. A massive beauty declutter was definitely overdue.Long bubble baths, massages, and indulgent skincare routines are often touted as popular forms of beauty self-care. But I’m arguing that purging your excess products – and reorganizing, cleaning, and maybe even donating in the process – trumps them all. So if you’re looking for an excuse to get productive and take a much-needed internet break, this might be the perfect activity. Keep reading as I share my approach to decluttering, including a handful of tips, organizer recommendations, and the final results.POPSUGAR