20 Products From Black-Owned Makeup Brands That Deserve a Spot on Everyone’s List

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It’s 2020 – long past the time where there are only light, medium, and dark foundation colors that are supposed to match the complexions of billions of people. And while we’ve made remarkable strides in recent years with more-inclusive shade ranges, there’s always room for improvement and pioneers who are leading the way.The most influential forces are often people who are directly impacted – and who have directly experienced a situation where things were not one-nude-fits-all – and that person of color helps turn the tide. For this reason, we decided to find the best makeup sold at Sephora that comes from Black-owned businesses. Now we still can’t believe that Pat McGrath ever had to resort to using cocoa powder because she couldn’t find a face powder to match her skin tone. And thank you, Rihanna, for launching your groundbreaking number of foundation shades that inspired so many other brands to do better, too. But it’s not just about foundation. When it comes to eye shadows and lipsticks, it just so happens that some of these companies founded by people of color also offer the widest and most interesting range of choices, like a bold sunset-evoking orange or a turquoise that sends you straight to the beach. They are pigmented enough to show up on darker complexions, but that doesn’t make them any less interesting for those who have lighter skin, too.We picked out our favorite products that are suitable for just about anyone and that make us extra grateful that these entrepreneurs started out in the first place. If nothing else, let this list inspire you to consider switching up your lip color. Check out the best makeup items from Black-owned businesses that you can pick up right at Sephora ahead.POPSUGAR