13 Delicate Piercings to Upgrade Your Ear

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If you can remember begging a parent to let you pierce your ears for the very first time, you know that your first piercing can be a transformative experience. From the jewelry you had secretly picked out months in advance to the moment of panic right before the needle is pushed through your ear, getting your first ear piercing is practically a rite of passage. But now that you’re out of middle school and your mom doesn’t have as much of a say, it might finally be time for a major piercing upgrade.The only issue lies in deciding what piercing placements will best suit your personal style. Whether you’re newly pierced or haven’t faced the needle in a while, getting your grown-up ear piercings can seem overwhelming. Hell, you probably haven’t even heard of half the piercings on your Pinterest board! Luckily, we found 13 different ear piercings that will take your lobes to the next level and give you some serious design inspiration. After seeing what’s possible for your ears alone, the potential placement and jewelry options will seem virtually endless. That means you’ll be able to choose ear piercings that feel uniquely you the adult version this time.POPSUGAR