10 Icy Eye Makeup Looks That Positively Scream “Winter Is Here”

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Full disclosure: in middle school, I wore nothing but white eye shadow for an entire year. As an incredibly unsavvy beauty lover, my 13-year-old self somehow confused smearing iridescent white powder over my eyelids for a trendy makeup technique. Alas, I was mistaken. Shout-out to the friend who kindly informed me that I looked ridiculous and told me to buy a real eye shadow palette.So you can imagine my apprehension at one of the top Winter trends year after year: icy eye makeup. This style emulates Queen Elsa and her beauty by layering blue, gray, and yes, white pigments. It can be intimidating to try a look that could appear dated so easily, but thankfully, we’re not on our own.To make sure that this look turns out sophisticated, clean, and festive, we’re turning to the pros: beauty vloggers on YouTube. Whether you’re looking for a bright and bold or soft and shimmery style, these tutorials make it easy to customize your Winter look.POPSUGAR